A return to church in 2021

  • 26 October 2021
  • Stuart Robinson

Our first return to physical church will Wednesday November 3rd. This will be a service of Holy Communion at St. Peter’s Watsons Bay. All are very welcome to this and to all the services that we have planned from November (below). As noted, the Zoom-style service will continue and is run in conjunction with and linked into the 10.00am service at St. Michael’s. 

The State and diocesan regulations for worship gatherings in November (it is likely to change in December) are now as follows:

  1. All people attending must sign in on their phones using the Quick Response (QR) code.
  2. Face masks are mandatory in the service – though they may be removed at morning tea.
  3. Singing is not permitted by the congregation (though unmasked people may lead from the front).
  4. Social distancing (4 square metres) – is to be observed. 

Note: You are not required to make an advance booking. You are not required to produce a vaccine certificate. You are not required to have a temperature check.

Our November schedule is as follows:

  1. Wednesday November 3rd. Weekly Holy Communion. St. Peter’s Watsons Bay.
  2. Sunday November 7th 9.30am. Weekly Little Sheep Church. St. Peter’s Watsons Bay Hall.
  3. Sunday November 7th 10.00am. Weekly Holy Communion at St. Michael’s Vaucluse AND Zoom/Livestream from St. Michaels.
  4. Thursday November 11th, 11.00am. Open air – Service of Remembrance  Venue: St. Peter’s Watsons Bay.
  5. Sunday January 9th. Epiphany I/Baptism of our Lord. 8.00am St. Michael’s and 9.00am St. Peter’s – weekly Holy Communion.