Help Afghan Christians

  • 26 October 2021
  • Louise Kaye

Anglican Aid is meeting the needs of Afghan Christian families who are fleeing persecution by the Taliban in Afghanistan. They have secured places in Brazil’s refugee intake, and will be cared for by Anglican Aid’s long term partner Sami Nagib, together with the Anglican Diocese of Vitoria in Brazil.

As well as caring for the physical needs of those who are fleeing the country, Anglican Aid has also partnered with Megavoice to provide secure audio-Bible players to Afghan Christians who have suffered under the Taliban.

For more information, see the main appeal web page: Aid for Afghan refugees – Anglican Aid.

Prayer Points
  • Praise God that some Christian refugees have managed to flee the growing religious persecution.
  • Pray that the Christian refugees supported by Anglican Aid will be able to begin their lives in Brazil with strong support from the community and church.
  • Ask God to preserve the lives of Christian brothers and sisters still in Afghanistan. Pray for comfort, strength, and steadfast trust in God.
  • Ask God to establish peace and justice in Afghanistan, and ultimately that the light of the gospel will shine forth in this nation of great darkness.
Anglican Aid prayer

Heavenly Father, 

Whose will it is that all people will be saved, and come to a knowledge of  the truth, and whose will it is that we care for the poor, needy, widows, orphans and refugees. 

We pray for the work of the Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid. 

We pray for your grace to fulfil every good work that you have prepared for us in advance to do as we anticipate the triumphant return of our King and Saviour, in whose name we pray.