Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru

  • 8 March 2022
  • Louise Kaye

Church Missionary Society (CMS)

During online Summer School, Andrew received the first indication from campus that his work visa to enter Indonesia was making progress. Then towards the end of January came news that the college had succeeded in registering as a sponsor. Last week, we were asked which airport we want to enter at for immigration and therefore quarantine (since Bali is opening up, that was an easy question to answer). That means that they are doing the actual application for Andrew’s visa. It really does look like it is on its way. Thank you for your prayers!
Timothy enjoying a local park
Still teaching onlineTwo weeks ago, Andrew got the semester teaching timetable and found that his only lecture was starting the next week. So, this week is the second and final week of teaching for the semester. Andrew is teaching the subject (‘The NT and contemporary culture’) for the second time, so despite the short notice there was still time to improve the course, and it has been going well with seven students. Andrew has also been given three students to supervise for their thesis, and has started back with his blog on sermon notes for the Sunday sermon.

After this week, our focus will be on concrete preparations to leave, God willing in early March. We’ll have another update when we have concrete plans.
Give thanksFor a lovely break over Christmas with family and for the encouragement of online Summer School.For a good online class.For all the work from the college and on our side towards the visa coming through, in answer to your prayers.Please ask (this is the main reason we are sending this short newsletter!)For the visa to come through shortly.For a suitable place to quarantine in Bali (currently five days, but it may be reduced further).For the rest of the online class along with other incidental ministry here and online.