BCA – Two Exciting Initiatives

  • 13 September 2022
  • Stuart Robinson

Theolgical Bursary & Candidature

BCA has a proud history of sponsoring people to study for ministry. In 1921 our Organising Missioner The Revd S J Kirkby said “An important concern to our Society is that of the training of men and women for our distinctive work. It is absolutely necessary that this be kept in the forefront. The future of our Society, even the future of our Church depends upon it.”
We commenced with three student candidates who pledged to the work of BCA when their training was finished, and over the ensuing years provided support to many men and women.
In 2023 we will re-commence supporting theological students who have a demonstrated commitment to bush ministry. Two-year bursaries of $15,000 per annum will also provide:

·       Pastoral and prayer support
·       The chance to be part of a community of men and women committed to gospel ministry in the bush
·       A bush ministry placement at the end of theological study (subject to availability and suitability)
Are you a theological student or know a theological student with heart for ministry in the bush?
Please visit, or point them to bushchurchaid.com.au/bursary

For young Christian workers moving to the bush, we have just launched our new program, BCA ONTRACK.
The bush is a great place to live and work but getting on and staying on track is not always easy. Transitioning from a Christian community on campus to work and life in regional Australia can bring opportunities and challenges. A bush church, the pace of general life, and the nature of rural work is often very different to a city experience.
BCA ONTRACK is a free two-year program for university graduates who have moved to the bush to help negotiate bumps in the road and ensure growth. It will provide training and mentoring to develop professional, personal, & spiritual life.
We are currently gathering our first cohort for the beginning of 2023.
To find out more visit bushchurchaid.com.au/ontrack