Dear Mum

  • 9 May 2023
  • Tobias Buckley

Dear Mum,

8 My child, listen to your father’s teaching

and do not forget your mother’s advice.

9 Their teaching will be like flowers in your hair

or a necklace around your neck.

  • Proverbs 1: 8 – 9 (NCV)

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the car with my Mum, waiting to pick up my siblings from primary school. We sat reading a book, I was amazed that somehow these pages, with their strange symbols and signs contained a whole universe of people and characters. I sat wondering if one day I too would be able to understand that magic paper. Even today, I still reflect on those small moments, the love and patience of reading kids’ books in a car. 

The family, in all its forms and blessings, is part of God’s plan, from Adam and Eve’s kids (Genesis 20) to Abraham and Sarah’s nation (Genesis 15), the Israelites (Exodus 20) to joining God’s big family through Jesus (1 John 3:1).  I thank God for the gift of joining his family, but also give thanks for the mothers on earth, who loved and formed me into the person I am.

Recently, I became an uncle, and for the first time it truly hit me, the infinite vulnerability of a baby, only able to communicate through tears. And I saw those sacrifices to become almost one with a baby, the mothers who gave up friends, family, money, careers, jobs, time, and sleep for their children.

And to those who are a different kind of mother: the school teachers, carers, sisters, aunts, role models and church mothers. Thank you for your love, the caring words, and the hugs. Perhaps it’s those small moments that make the mothers, those kind words, or smiles, that make the church my family.