Christianity Explored

The next Zoom study group series  starts on Monday October 25. It is the Christianity Explored course and it is based on Mark’s gospel.

The format is fairly simple in that we provide you with a workbook (free) but reading through it, and filling it in, is entirely optional.

Prior to the Monday meeting we invite you to watch the accompanying video (here is the 11 minute Session 1 video for your advance perusal  Christianity Explored Episode 1 | Good news – YouTube ) and then on the night (7.00pm-7.45am) I’ll work through/explain the passage we’re considering from Mark’s gospel.

If people have questions or comments on what they’ve heard, read, or watched, they are free to ask them or they can simply listen. We do ask that all participants have their cameras on even if they elect not to say anything.

We try to keep the group to less than a dozen people so that we finish with the 45 minute time frame.

Please register in advance (call. text Stuart on 0407650887 or email ) and advise us of a postal/street address so that we can get the little booklet to you.

Still unsure: watch this 90 second explainer: Christianity Explored: About the Course – YouTube


Stuart and Jane Robinson.