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Prelude: O Praise the Name!

10.00am. Welcome – Open in prayer/Short Confession. Dan.

Sing-al-long-hymn: Tell out my soul

Psalm Reading from Tracy Hall. Psalm 51:1-12.

Reflective Piece: Kristie and Greg

The Acts readings from Monty and Bertie Auld. Acts 15:36-16:5

Sing-a-long-hymn:  There is a hope

Homily – Stuart

Sing-along-prayer of thanksgiving (prior to Communion): There Is a redeemer  

Family ‘Communion’: Stuart.

Reflective Piece: Kristie and Greg.

Prayers – Briony Davidson

Lord’s Prayer – Briony to lead.

Sung  Prayer – Jesus Strong and Kind

Announcements and Interview with Federal PP for Wentworth, Dave Sharma.

Final sing-along-hymn: Crown him with many crowns

Blessing – Dan

Postlude: ‘Smile’

Break-out rooms – Andrew

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