Reflections from troubling times

  • 12 December 2021
  • Bruce Kaye

Living with Covid is a series of weekly reflections, written for our community news, in which the author responded to what was happening in Australia during Covid – the occasions of hope, the false dawns, the changed life styles – to rediscover biblical teaching that would inform, sustain and encourage his readers to bring their living faith to help them live in hope and confidence in  troubling times..  You can buy it here

In the past few years, learning to live with Covid has been a world-wide experience. Politicians, leaders, journalists and educators have offered advice about how to survive the various outbreaks, lockdowns and restrictions, acknowledging that the effects of the pandemic will be with us for a long time.

Is there a particular Christian response? Does our Christian faith have anything to help us interpret the experiences and help us make sense of the pandemic? Does the witness of the first Christians teach us how to live in times of crisis?


Bruce’s insights and practical guidance were and remain a great encouragement in a time of uncertainty and community apprehension. – Bishop Stuart Robinson

Each piece is deeply pastoral, inviting consideration of key New Testament texts, along with prayers and examples from the lives of the saints, to help us as God’s people to live out our faith in difficult times with patience, kindness and love. This is indeed a wonderful book for our times. – Rev’d Professor Dorothy A. Lee

These messages give practical suggestions as to how we continue to live Christianly during the challenges of the pandemic. I have found them very enriching, both personally and as a basis for many a refreshing and engaging discussion. – Alison Keene

Bruce Kaye’s weekly column in our Church’s Community News helped us to navigate the challenges of the pandemic through his practical Christian analysis and advice. – Tim Matthews