Pastoral Care Workshop – Report by Irene

  • 8 February 2023
  • Irene Jackson

Reflection by Irene Jackson on our recent Pastoral Care Workshop

Pastoral Care Workshop – Self Reflection and Communication. 

This workshop took place on Saturday 28 January at St. Peter’s Hall.  During the workshop we explored through conversation, and practical exercises the role of self-reflection in our lives, identifying how events in our lives affect how we relate to each other, ourselves, and God.  We identified that it is important to ask hard and easy questions, to be honest and be open-minded and kind to ourselves and non-judgemental.  Regularly reflecting on our behaviour, our language, and attitudes encourages improved self-awareness, which is important when relating to others, being present with them and being attentive.  The Lord understands the struggles and complexities of our lives. 

We explored, discussed, and practiced the different facets of communication delving into; active listening and intentional deep attentiveness, looking at being genuine, being curious, being focused, having empathy etc.  Non-verbal communication, challenges to hearing and listening, the role of silence, passive listening, barriers to actively listening including, physical, psychological, emotional barriers, time constraints, cultural and language barriers and more. We looked at the different types of questioning.  We concluded by giving and receiving positive affirmations.

Everyone took an active part in the workshop asking very relevant questions and giving excellent examples of their point.  Small group activities lead to lively conversations.

A few participants commented that they had been a little apprehensive at the start, but soon relaxed and enjoyed the content, the exercises, conversations and the process. Other comments included relevant materials and informative.   The refreshments were very welcomed.

The next workshop is on Mental Health First Aid and will be held on Saturday 1 April 10am – 1pm at St Peters Hall. Details to follow.