Tales from the Team

  • 27 September 2021
  • Meg Matthews
My tale is about Aged Care

Pivot. That’s a word we’ve all heard a lot lately! Well, we’ve had to pivot in our SHAP aged care ministry during the lockdown. As it became clear that we wouldn’t be going back in to visit and hold services in our parish aged care homes, we’d need to find other ways to connect and care. The card ministry has become even more important as aged care residents were often unable to receive family visitors. Thanks card writing team! The importance of this gentle ministry came home to me recently when I received an email about one of our aged care friends who had had a bad fall and been taken to hospital. This person apparently said how much she appreciates the encouraging notes and cards she receives regularly from one of our SHAP card writers and wished she had them with her now in hospital. Needless to say, two of the team got straight onto writing her cards and sending them to her in hospital! We’ve even got 2 new card helpers: 6 year old Kiki and 4 year old Cami are decorating cards with lovely artwork. Thanks girls! Ministry of caring starts young! 
But what to do about our regular (no longer) services in Moran, Regis and Beresford? Zoom of course! Meg, Tim, Dan and Andrew have become the Tuesday at Two team, and each week we run a friendly, prayerful, scriptural, musical half hour service, beamed into the gathering spaces and sometimes bedrooms in up to five aged care homes. Each week so far, our number of attendees has increased. We are grateful that the Lord is using this work to bring blessing to others. Please pray for this important ministry with our aged care friends.