Tales from the Team

  • 14 December 2021
  • Irene Jackson
Pastoral Care

In this busy season it is easy to lose sight that folk continue to need support and help in different ways.  Christmas the time for celebration particularly celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Folk still need us to take time and listening being focused on them and their needs, they need us to talk with them give reassurance, showing that hand of kindness, patience, compassion, genuine interest, all covered with love.

I was reminded of this when talking with Natalie (not her real name) and texting back and forth.  Natalie had a hard upbringing and disappointment in relationships.  She finds it very challenging to let go of many hurts she has endured.  

Lockdown has been tough, resulting in not being able to meet face to face, together with long silences from Natalie.  When I spoke with her recently Natalie shared what is beautiful and challenging as she believes that she is closer to the Lord and was able to confess how much she is struggling to forgive a number of people that have been in and out of her life.  Natalie also was able to say that she struggles to see herself as a beautiful person made in the image of our Lord and totally loved by Him.  Natalie has been tussling with leaving / surrendering everything at the foot of the cross and then taking it back.

As a pastoral carer I am reminded of the courage and the challenge and also the loneliness that Natalie and many others face as they work through many issues.  My role is to support, encourage, be patient, preserve, have compassion, pray, pray, pray and give thanks and praise to the Lord for each small step.