Tales from the Team

  • 22 March 2022
  • Stuart Robinson
Small groups at SHAP  
Over the years our church has enjoyed the opportunity to meet in small groups in people’s homes for bible study, prayer, fellowship, and hospitality. The past few years of pandemic have meant that groups have either been on hold or have moved to Zoom mode. 
We are still in an uncertain state and I am  wanting to ‘take a read’ on the interest level in small groups in parishioner’s homes. 
At present we have four groups and a larger Zoom meeting on a Monday night (25 people) in the season of Lent. We also run Alpha and Christianity Explored in Zoom mode throughout the year and in homes.
If you would like to host a small group in your home (some basic orientation required) or via Zoom, or if you would like to join  a group, do please contact me: T: +61 407 650 887 
E: stuart.robinson@southheadanglican.org
Last, you can read more on the value and power of small groups here: Why Small Groups? | Small Groups