Tales from the Team

  • 6 April 2022
  • Jane Robinson
Little Sheep
On Sunday 13th March we celebrated our one-year anniversary of Little Sheep Church with a party. We had party games such as egg and spoon races and “pin the candle on the cake.” Sari England and Lida Sanchez brought the most amazing cupcakes for everyone and we all enjoyed “remembering” old friends and new that we have made at Little Sheep Church. Nicky Hay reminded us that this was like the Last Supper when Jesus taught His followers that they could remember Him at their meals together. 
Last week George, who is 7 years old, told Little Sheep Church the story of “The Good Samaritan” and read it so beautifully and clearly that all the children (and adults) were spellbound. We followed that with a craft that reminded us that we too can be kind as Jesus is always kind to us.
We’ve made Easter bags for our friends at Moran Church with an Easter egg card and message from each of the children and some chocolate eggs for them to enjoy. And on Easter Day we will have an egg hunt – hoping for sunny weather!
We enjoy meeting families from around the world who have come to live in or visit Australia. Germany, Slovakia, Italy, America, England, Ireland, Scotland and Czechoslovakia are just some of the countries that are represented at Little Sheep and it is such a joy to have them with us. 
One of the most popular things about Little Sheep Church would have to be Michael Hay’s amazing coffee which is delivered with his constant cheerfulness and warm welcome. We thank God for him and for our incredible morning tea team – Sari, Lida, Christine and Bobbie. Morning tea is a very important part of the welcome!
Please pray for Little Sheep Church that we would welcome warmly and teach our children faithfully about Jesus – and that the children would remember these Bible truths all their lives.