Tales from the Team

  • 20 July 2022
  • Stuart Robinson
Home Groups
I wanted to spend just a moment speaking about the Zoom groups that Jane I have been running in recent times. We’ve just completed 4 weeks on the book of Jonah and being a Zoom group, people can (and did) join us from across the city, interstate – and abroad. Yes, we regularly have a couple sharing in fellowship from the United Kingdom. It also means that former parishioners can connect with friends around God’s word on Zoom. The Zoom group can comprise up to around 20 people.
We have just commenced the new five week, Christian Stuff, programme. This again is a Zoom meeting held each Monday night at 7.00pm. It runs for 45 minutes and began just this Monday, July 18th. Each of the sessions are ‘stand alone’ so people can opt in and out, as they please. All very