Tales from the Team

  • 8 September 2021
  • Liti Seroa
My tale is about scripture teaching at Rose Bay Primary and Vaucluse Primary.
How amazing it is to be talking about the Kingdom of God to two local public schools for two full terms at the beginning of this year, 2021.
My tale comes from kids with questions. First a boy in year 3 after a short prayer at the end of his class, ‘Why do we even say in Jesus’ name after every prayer?’
We have another who attends Little Sheep church on Sundays and scripture at his school, who is so familiar with me that he teaches along by bringing in his picture Bible from home to read to his class. The other children ask, “Why can’t we have a book like that?”
I have a girl in Year 4, new to the school from South Africa, who has grown up knowing God and looks forward to Scripture class each week, volunteering all the time to pray.
Then we have teachers in the class who co-operate and support the class. One says to a child who sometimes disturbs the class, ‘’You better pray to God to help you”.
Term 1 we get to learn, ‘Who is Jesus?’  The big idea is Jesus is God’s powerful Son who fulfils God’s promises. Term 2 we learn about ‘God’s big promises’. God’s promises to Abraham point to Jesus.  The resources for these classes come from Connect. Connect is a three-year Religious Education curriculum (Bible based) designed for use in Australian and New Zealand schools.