AV Support

  • 7 February 2022
  • Andrew Keene



We’re looking for people to operate the slides for services each week. Primarily, it involves clicking through the already prepared slides on a Sunday. We ask you to arrive 30 minutes before the service to run through everything.

Training provided.

We’re currently looking for people for 

St Michaels 8am and 10am, St Peters 9am

Camera Control

Probably the most fun job in AV, a simple role of controlling cameras and cutting between the slides and the cameras for 10am. I’ll be right next to you every step but would love the extra hands.

Training provided.

Sound Desk

My speciality (Tobias)! Someone to mute and unmute microphones during 10am. Just a couple of buttons, (but there’s also alot of depth, only if you want to learn more!) Training provided.


BasiBasic technology aptitude and a willingness to learn


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