Crown Land Reserves – SCPAG

  • 21 March 2023
  • Stuart Robinson

Story article by Ericka from SCPAG (Save Christison Park Action Group)

Should future generations enjoy our beautiful open, natural Crown Land coastal reserves?

Once we lose them they are gone forever. 

Wonderful Christison Park, just 8 kms from town, should be protected, as is Centennial Park.  

Council’s present Plan of Management states Christison Park is natural, shared space for passive and active recreation.  

Woollahra Council is proposing to change open space Christison Park into a Sports Complex.  Presently there is sport, mainly schools.  Residents have no problem with this, because at other times people use the fields for dog walking, meeting friends, enjoying wonderful views and the ambiance of Macquarie Lighthouse and quiet contemplation.  


Council’s new Draft Plan of Management allows for: ”Development…. sporting facilities ….amenities not limited to lighting.” including Artificial Turf, fencing and additional 48 hours of sport per week. (Table 19) with “investigate sports lighting with the aim to increase the fields’ usability”. (Table 20) 

Why worry?

If this Draft is accepted we can say goodbye to shared, natural environment.

In 2008 Save Christison Park Action Group formed to oppose Flood/ Sports Lights in Christison Park, discovered lights would be seen from Mosman and Council was proposing to bus teams in from far and wide. 2,500 people signed a petition against such Lights.

SCPAG supports sport, but wants to retain the coastal Crown Land Reserves as open natural space for all.  Other locations could be found for a Sports Complex. 

Council conducted a Survey directly related to the Draft POM, the result of which is being misrepresented.  Council incorrectly claims responses “shaped” the Draft, when responses overwhelmingly show residents want to retain Christison Park with no more built environment. 

If you want to retain this open, natural environment please email the three Vaucluse Ward  Councillors (addresses on Council’s website) and sign the petition on