A Great Day at Moran

  • 2 March 2023
  • Jeff Ware

Week by week a few of us from SHAP visit Moran and conduct a brief service on the fourth floor in the Orangerie overlooking ocean and harbour. In this beautiful location anywhere from fifteen to thirty five residents meet to sing, pray and hear the Scriptures read and explained. ’Tuesday at Two’ saw 37 members gathered this week as Barbara Crouch, Ian and Ann Loveridge welcomed everyone, Meg Matthews led the service, Verity Thompson reflected on Jesus describing himself as ‘The Good Shepherd’, while Jeff Ware and Tanya Bosch read passages of Scripture and led the prayers. Afternoon tea always follows, thanks to the helpful and supportive Moran staff, and provides the opportunity to talk and catch up with our Moran friends. What a worthwhile and encouraging time it always proves to be.

Jeff Ware