Little Sheep – Tales from the Team

  • 12 June 2024
  • Tobias Buckley

Tales from the Team

This term at Little Sheep we have been considering the Stories that Jesus told! Around many cups of coffee and just as many marshmallows, people from all ages and stages are hearing the most amazing stories of Jesus Christ: that they might be a lost sheep! Or a missing coin!

We have many families of different shapes and sizes join us, one of our greatest joys is seeing the miracle of new life and the growth of that tiny person into someone who knows and loves God.

“A home away from home” is how Rosa described what Little Sheep was to her. It has been such a joy to see her, and her family grow as those who love and follow Christ. We have the joy of seeing 50 people like them every week walk through our doors.

I hope that you might join us to pray for our team, our little sheep families, and our wider community, that Little Sheep would be one of the places where people would know the love of Jesus Christ.

Meg Weston and Tobias Buckley