Mental Health Workshop Report

  • 7 November 2023
  • Eddie Bosch

Report on Mental Health Workshop on 4 November

On Saturday 4 November at St Peters 17 participants attended a Youth Mental Health Workshop which was presented by Trinette Stanley from Anglicare and organised by our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, Irene Jackson. Trinette is an excellent presenter who clearly explained the key issues, which can be applied to all ages. Trinette refers to her medical training and her own personal experience. We learnt such things as the difference between mental health and mental illness, strategies to improve mental health, links between mental health, physical health and spiritual health. Everyone left with useful knowledge which could be applied to help friends, family and themselves in managing mental health issues, be it an acute or long term issue. Many thanks to Irene for organising this. And of course, like all SHAP functions, the food was top quality!

Eddie Bosch