• 11 May 2022
  • Louise Kaye
Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru
We give great thanks to God that in answer to your prayers, Andrew finally has a visa! It is a visiting visa that will allow us to go to an immigration office in the first month we are back for Andrew to get residency as a spouse. We have flights planned for the last week of May. God willing, the next newsletter will be from Toraja.
Timothy eyeing Javanese fish crackers
Timothy eyeing “kerupuk” fresh off the frying pan. It is a standard side dish in Javanese cuisine.
Reflections on this semester’s teachingDue to Andrew’s masters class being scheduled for the start of semester, he was able to finish its marking and administration a little while ago. The class was about the New Testament and contemporary culture. It was less satisfying than similar classes Andrew taught in the previous two semesters. There was a tendency in the assignments either to complain about a cultural phenomenon without attempting to understand it well or to uncritically support it with a couple of Bible verses or some general theological principles; either way, there was no real interaction between culture and the Bible. Next time around (if things work that way) the course will require significant revision.
Reading the Bible in church
For the past decade, the Church of Toraja where we are based has had a “back to the Bible” push which, along with more of the Bible read in services, has encouraged personal and group Bible study. This has been a great opportunity for ministers who understand the value of believers knowing their Bibles better and encouraging each other in discussion around the Bible. It has also provided an opportunity for lay people to do the same, particularly within the various ministry groups that are part of official church structures. We have been encouraged to see some of our Perkantas graduate friends taking up these opportunities. In the Perkantas student ministry, they experienced growing together in groups as they read the Bible together – read more here. One friend is running a group as part of Sunday School teacher training for their klasis (an administrative group of around a dozen congregations). Others are running groups for elders or with youth. When we return, we will be looking for similar kinds of opportunities.
Give thanks
For Andrew’s visa enabling us to return to Toraja after nearly four years.
For many in the churches who have a vision to see congregations growing in faith and love.
For mild symptoms and recovery from Covid for Abi and Timothy (with the first positive test happening the day after the visa came through!)
Please ask
For God’s mercies as we pack up, move, and say goodbyes.
For the processing of Andrew’s degree certificates and work permit in due time.
For the three masters students who hope to finish their thesis under Andrew’s supervision by the beginning of June.

…beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures. 
Luke 24:27

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