On Confirmation – Reflection by Tom

  • 7 December 2022
  • Stuart Robinson

Reflection on Confirmation by Tom

On Sunday, I was one of 6 to be confirmed at St Michael’s, along with Alannah, Lyla, Oscar, Steve and Angus. Although Confirmation was probably only a 15-minute process from beginning to end, it was a ceremony that was deeply significant to my peers and I. To me, Confirmation was an opportunity to publicly declare my faith in Christ. I saw Confirmation not as an end, but as a beginning. It was not like a graduation, whereby it symbolizes the end of something, but I saw it as an induction, symbolizing a new chapter in my life. Confirmation meant a life dedicated to serving Christ, and to viewing life and the world through a Christian lens. 

During the service I was lucky enough to share my testimony about how I came to faith, and what following Christ means to me. After doing the Zoom course on Sharing my Faith, run by Stuart and Jane, I was given a framework to share my testimony. In preparing my testimony, I made sure that it was focused on Jesus, and the role He and God plays in my life and my turning to faith. The Zoom course was also very helpful as I heard the testimonies of others and saw the positive transformative effect welcoming Jesus into one’s life has. 

Having my family and friends present at my confirmation made my confirmation feel far more public, and it was great that I was able to share such an important moment with those closest to me. 

Publicly saying “I turn to Christ” was a proud moment for me. The life, death and resurrection of Christ offer hope and guidance to me and being able to formally and publicly put my trust in Christ was a significant moment to me. “I turn to Christ” is a phrase I have already repeated to myself quite a few times since Sunday. 

The large group that came to support Confirmation on Sunday also made the service, and proclamation “I turn to Christ”, so much more impactful. The hymns seemed much louder on Sunday morning, and it felt as if the Spirit roamed amongst us.