Pastoral Care – Tales from the Team

  • 18 June 2024
  • Irene Jackson

Tales from the Team

This Tales from the Team is thanking the pastoral care team for the love you bring to the team your compassion, patience, kindness etc., for going the extra mile to support church members at their time of trial. 

Much of pastoral care goes unseen with folk just loving on each other as Jesus Christ modeled with the disciples.

Pastoral relationships provide a unique privilege of bringing the gift of empathizing, edifying and building up and so much more.  Pastoral relationships aim to nurture people in the valleys and plateaus of a given season, through times of trial, joy and celebration

The pastoral care team at SHAP have been sustaining and guiding church members at times of ill health, grief, sorrow, fear, and loneliness by being available to listen, making a telephone call, texting, helping with shopping / medical appointments and helping with technical assistance.  Ensuring when people are in hospital we visit and keep in contact and are available when they come home.  (This is especially important when people live on their own.)  Members of the team have been meeting up for tea/coffee and doing home visits. Prayer is of major importance in pastoral relationships and without exception all have welcomed prayers over the phone / texting and face to face.

A brilliant team – Thank you.