Piano Recital – Reports

  • 12 September 2023
  • Stuart Robinson

Report Piece by Suzie Williams

The fortunate 60 odd parishioners and friends who attended the recital curated by Jassen Rose at St Peters Hall recently were treated to a spectacular afternoon of choral and piano works.

The raison d’etre for the recital was the dedication of the magnificent Ronisch grand piano recently acquired by the Parish thanks to a generous gift.

Apart from the Ronisch, which sat appropriately centre stage, the stars of the performance included Jassen who delighted with his piano solos as well as accompanying the singers, Angela Brun whose solos and descants were dazzling and the  singers and violinist who filled the hall with their glorious voices and sounds.  Most informative commentary on each item was provided by Stuart who acted as MC.

The opening piece, the Goodall setting of the Crimond (the theme from the Vicar of Dibley) was exhilarating, and set the theme for what was to come. 

It was a truly memorable afternoon and we are so blessed to have such musical talent in our midst.

Report Piece by Esther Lam

The piano dedication was a wonderful afternoon of music and praise to celebrate a generous gift that will be used to reach and love the community of South Head. It was a blessing to have the brilliant Jassen, Angela and the choir sharing their time, love and skills.

The program started with several anthems and hymns, familiar to us all. Yet, I haven’t stooped humming along to the The lord is my shepherd! The heartwarming “aww” when the pieces were introduced and loud applauses at the end of the pieces are a triumph of Jassen’s clever reflection of that amazing spring afternoon, a reminder of our gifts from God.

The most interesting piece was Albumblatt by Brahms, which was a piece written in 1853 but only discovered in 2012, in a guestbook in the library at the Princeton. I should take my guest book signatures more seriously now.

The program ended with soprano solos by Angela and Jassen. That was my favourite part of the afternoon, as I have never been to an opera performance without microphones! I was amazed by how powerful Angela’s voice filled the hall and our hearts. I pray that the piano will continue to delight and touch the hearts of many more who visit South Head. 

Report Piece by Bruce Kaye

A Delightful Saturday Afternoon – with a difference

While the brilliant sun was shining on Watsons Bay and various forms of sport were being waged around the city a group of people was in the church hall at St Peter’s enjoying the dedication of a new Grand Piano that has been given to the parish. Prayers were said, blessings sought and thanks expressed for the anonymous donor of the new piano. All of this was blended and supported by a wonderful array of music. We had stunning solos pieces from world famous opera singer Angela Brun, a wonderfully unified performances from a composite choir which included our own St Michaels Singers one of whom sang the alto part with her violin. We had a gentle piece by Rachmaninoff (not at all like the Rach III from the film Shine), and recognisable tones of JS Bach and Strauss, and a lot more including Amazing Grace. All brilliantly put together by Jassen Rose and with a well known clerical MC with his usual energy and entertaining asides and giving us background details to the music and the new piano. To boot, we caught  up with people, some of whom had come a long way. It was a notable event in the long musical tradition of the parish that goes back to the last century and a terrific way to dedicate the new piano.

A great thank you for all those who provided all this.