Prayers for Ukraine from Christian Community Churches of New Zealand.

  • 14 December 2022
  • Andrew Keene

Our Father in Heaven,

The author of peace, shown most fully by sending your son Jesus Christ as your human representation and to take our sins by his death on a cross, and so to bring us into a peaceful relationship with you.

Father as we look into our own ancestry, we see aggression and conflict. When we look into our own hearts, we are aware of lines we draw that stepping over would make us aggressive and angry.

Lord help us to be truly love peace.

Sovereign God who raises up and brings down leaders and nations, we bring before you the conflict in Ukraine.

Many of us thought war would never enter Europe again.

The back issues are complex—many have forgotten or forgiven and moved on, but those who want war dwell in the past.

Lord bring peace.

Father we pray for your people caught up in this conflict.

May they know your peace—an internal assurance of your presence.

Righteous God, we pray for the brave men and women of Ukraine seeking to protect their land. Bring this conflict to an end.

Loving Father—hear the prayers of your people.

Hear the pleas of the peoples of the world.

Bring a cessation to this war that could become prolonged and multinational.

May your will be done, through Jesus Christ our Lord.