Renovated by Matt Aroney

  • 29 November 2023
  • Iszy Pamatmat

An interview with Matt Aroney about his latest book ‘Renovated.’

Q: What is your book ‘Renovated’ about?

Renovated is a book that helps you understand where God is working in your life. I wrote it because a lot of young people I use to work with in Newtown were not sure if God was in there life at all, but i wanted to show them that in every part of their life God is at work.

Q: Why did you decide to write the book and what was your purpose behind writing it?

So it was just I wrote a Master’s on how God changes people and I turned it into a practical piece of teaching that I gave at Newtown over the weekend that people recieved really well and it helped people connect the dots. A lot of people think God is not working in their life and to be able to articulate for pepole that God does work in people’s lives was worth writing the book.

Q: Who would you encourage to read this book?

This book is for anyone! Particularly for people who think that God is not really work in their life. My book basically says God is working in your life in ways you do not expect, God is helping you to image Jesus, to be like Jesus, and he wants to give you the power to be like Jesus but show you more about Jesus. The Holy Spirit is showing more of Jesus in your heart and into situations in your life.

Q: How do you hope this book might provide guidance or encouragement to the reader?

I want people to read the book and realise how much God is working in their life in ways that they did not expect and I want people to have that feeling of amazement and on the other hand I want people to not feel guilty. I’ve worked really hard to write a book about change that’s not about you changing yourself, but about how God through his Son and by his Spirit is changing you. I think there is a great relief in that, to know that it is not a moral effort, but it is a work of God in me and to discover that it is happening in wonderful ways without me even noticing is a great encouragement. I hope people will feel the relief and comfort of that.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

It’s a very practical book. It has exercises in it so you can sit down with some friends and think through things together. It is wrapped around this metaphor of renovation and how it gets you to look at your house with lots of rooms in it and how God is at work in every room in your life and how you can interact with God in every part of your life.