Rough Edges: A Place to Belong this Winter

  • 6 June 2023
  • Stuart Robinson
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Everyone deserves belonging and acceptance.

Like me, I’m sure you enjoy a coffee at your favourite cafe, a browse in the shops, or meeting friends at the pub. But many of our patrons are not allowed to sit in cafes and pubs, and are made to feel unwelcome in shops.

We spoke to Louise (pictured with her partner, Brett, above), who left home when she was 12 to escape abuse, who said:
When you go into shops people won’t come up and ask you if you need a hand, they look down on you straight away. And it’s been like that most of my life since I’ve been on the street. It disheartens you a lot, you know, especially when you’re starting to move forward in your life, things are going well but that part is still the same.
Rough Edges is a place where people who are too often ignored and excluded, can belong.
Louise says: 
At Roughies you feel you belong because everyone’s the same. Most people who go there are from dysfunctional backgrounds and are homeless themselves and when you’re in that circle you feel comfortable with other people in that situation. And Roughies doesn’t judge, you know, it’s somewhere to go when you’re feeling down and it’s somewhere to go when you’re hungry and somewhere to go when you need somewhere to kick back.

Rough Edges relies on the help of generous supporters like you to keep providing a place for people like Louise to belong.

By providing meals, food and practical help, Rough Edges makes a big difference in the lives of the growing number of people who are doing it tough. But it is not just about the practical help:
it is the security we give people when they know where their next meal is coming from
it is a place of safety where people can relax with their friends
and it is a place where they truly belong, where they are welcomed and valued.
Can you support Rough Edges this Winter? It will cost us $146,000 to keep providing a place for people to belong this Winter. We are asking supporters like you join with 999 others and chip in $146 to help us cover the costs of keeping our doors open this Winter. 

Your gift is tax deductible and enables us to provide a community where Louise and many others like her can find belonging, acceptance and the care they need this Winter.
Thank you for your support and very real interest in what we do at Rough Edges.
Gabriel Lacoba, CEO
St John’s Community Services
PS Read more of Louise’s story by clicking here

Rough Edges is a ministry of St John’s Community Services