Tales from the Team

  • 19 October 2021
  • Tracy Hall
My tale is about prayer

During these strange times in which we are currently living, it seems that prayer has become increasingly central to everyday life.  I for one celebrate this, and encourage everyone to take the time each day to pray – it really does make a difference.  
Prayer as a ministry area spreads across everything we do as a parish family, including formal prayer as part of worship services, opening and closing prayers at meetings, to prayers with friends over the phone – it is such a wonderful and uplifting way to end a call. 

My tale relates to the call ministry which has been such an important part of our pastoral care during lockdown. I have been speaking to a couple of people on a regular basis, and prayer always forms part of these conversations. Connections have been formed with people I have yet to meet in person – how exciting is that?       
If you are not sure where to start in making prayer a key part of your day, pop along to the online prayer meeting on a Tuesday evening at 7:30 – it’s only 30 minutes, very relaxed and welcoming. I would love to see you there.