Tales from the Team

  • 9 November 2021
  • Irene Jackson
Pastoral Care

Clare (not her real name) regularly attends church. However, due to worsening long term physical health she has been unable to attend.  Clare started to be depressed and focussed on past disappointments and hurts.   On my first visit it became clear that Clare was struggling with grieving the death of her sister, with whom she was very close. This sudden loss had raised many issues that Clare had not dealt with, including unforgiveness.  Over the course of many meetings, Clare had time to talk, be heard and not be judged. She began to speak freely and see that unforgiveness was one reason why she was depressed and not wanting to do anything, which of course did not help her physical condition. Clare is very creative, and we were able to use this gift to encourage her to explore the process of grieving and forgiveness.  We used Psalm 139 and other Psalms which helped Clare see how special she is to our Lord and to start to forgive and love.   
1 Corinthians 13:1-8 talks of characteristics of love, love is … When we intentionally walk side by side with another person in love, we are being God’s Love in Action. 
Please will you pray this prayer with me?  
Thank you, Jesus, for your love. We ask that through the Holy Spirit we will love as you love and be committed to each other as you modelled. Amen