Tales from the Team

  • 19 April 2022
  • Irene Jackson
Pastoral Care – Mental Health
Hi Everyone,  I hope that you have all been blessed over this holiday of celebrating our resurrection Lord Jesus.
In this tells of the team we are briefly looking at loving on our brothers and sisters and indeed neighbours, friends and family who are challenged with a mental health condition. We know that the rates of people being diagnosed over the past three years has risen steeply due to COVID lockdown (isolation and fear).
One important point to remember is that a mental health condition is an illness just as any other condition is an illness.  For some it is a short-term condition and for others it is a long-term condition.  Take anxiety and depression these conditions can be triggered for example by a sudden trauma, accident, or other possible life changing events. Signs include unpredictable emotions, physical symptoms, and a strain on relationships.  The following looks at how we can love on each other during these times of trial.
First, we do not have to be experts to come along side each other.  Second, being non-judgemental in our thoughts, words and actions.  Third, can listen attentively, ask questions such as have you spoken to another person, Doctor, family, friends.  Ask if you can help or ask another …. Respond with encouraging and be honest.  If you say you will follow up, please do.  Do speak to a named pastoral care worker.
Praise the Lord that we are available to love on each other as Jesus did with the disciples and according to His instructions.
Blessings and shalom in Jesus Might Name.