Tales from the Team

  • 11 May 2022
  • Liti Seroa
Scripture in Schools
Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. We started this term with 1 Kings about King Solomon with the years 1-4. The kids were asked if you could have anything in the world what would you ask for. Lots of interesting answers from a big house to lots of money, to live a long life and to even having a tortoise. They were all surprised that God asked King Solomon the same question, he wanted to be wise in making decisions as a king. What is wisdom some asked? After much discussion, we discovered that we could ask God for wisdom too as in James chapter 1. You mean we can ask right now a year 4 student asked, I nodded, she quickly clasped her hands, closed her eyes tight and prayed. With the year 5 students this week we touched on the topic forgiveness. I have learnt a lot by teaching, not only with the bible topics but also with the various questions that the kids ask. I do appreciate your prayers this term especially for the 4 kindergarten students.