Tales from the Team

  • 8 June 2022
  • Jeff Ware
Seniors Ministry
Whether we are celebrating someone’s birthday or singing ‘God save the Queen’ in commemoration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, ‘Tuesdays at Two’ are enjoyable occasions and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with the folk at Moran. Of course, we conduct a brief service where we read the Bible, pray, sing, and reflect on ways in which we can draw upon the rich resources of the Christian faith. There are also good opportunities to ‘check in’ on one another over afternoon tea, and to hear stories of the past and present. Several residents have been long term parishioners at either St Peter’s or St Michael’s, and they continue to faithfully serve and pray for those in their Moran community, bearing a gentle and gracious witness to their faith.

Residents from Moran were amongst those who attended our recent Community Lunch where music and laughter filled St Peter’s Hall. It was a chance for old friends to ‘catch up’ with one another, for new friends to be made, and interesting tales to be told – all in a warm Christian context.

Amongst our seniors there are those who are declining in health who are not able to get out and about, who need a listening ear, a pastoral visit and someone to pray with them and for them. I am loving being part of this ministry and am thankful for those who do their bit in one way or another. A special thanks to Verity Thomson and Tanya Bosch who have helped while Meg Matthews has enjoyed a holiday break with her family.