Tales from the Team

  • 15 September 2021
  • Irene Jackson
My tale is about Pastoral Care
Hello everyone, I have just taken on coordinating Pastoral Care and I would like to start by us celebrating all the many ways members of SHAP love each other.  Thank you all for loving each other over many years in many situations, for instance walking along side, being sensitive, your patience, giving encouragement, building up, warm greetings, being available and giving of yourselves.  You are a real blessing.  Thank you for reaching out, attending to the needs of each other and for taking on what Jesus asked us to do which is, “to love each other as He has loved us.” (1 John 15:12, 17)
Pastoral care has a role to play in all aspects of our church family life.  The activities are numerous including being available to listen to another person, praying with each other, shopping, visiting, phone calls, helping with medical appointments, going for a walk, celebrating etc.  During the times of lockdown these and other activities have been a lifeline for many. 
We are not always aware of the effect we are having on others but when I listen to people talking about how someone has helped and encouraged them through a tough time, maybe a phone call, bringing groceries, sorting out appointments or just listening, my heart is warmed. 
The warmth, love and kindness shown to each other speaks volumes to our unsaved neighbours, work colleagues and strangers and to the person who comes through the door for the first time.  Thank you SHAP brothers and sisters for your wonderful witness.