Little Sheep – Tales from the Team

  • 8 July 2024
  • Tobias Buckley

We had an awesome term two at Little Sheep Church! We spent the term looking at the story Jesus told!

Jesus parables are such a brilliant reminder that Jesus message and saving sacrifice was for all of us, even our littlest sheep.

One of my great joys this term was as we were reflecting on the various stories we learnt this term, the lost sheep, the four soils or the prodigal son. One boy starts telling me all about Zacheus, a story that we did over six months ago! The way that God is working in the hearts of people, young and old, is so amazing!

We finished our term of with a great Sunday BBQ celebrating the 160th birthday of St Peter’s Church. As we reflected on 160 years of Christ’s church meeting in that building, it is such an awesome joy to see and teach the next generation of Christians gathering together on this site.

Little Sheep Playtime starts back on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of July.

Little Sheep Church first Sunday back is the 28th of July and we are learning all about the different people Jesus met!

We’re looking for more people to help out and volunteer in our Children’s Ministries, whether its Little Sheep or Our St Michael’s Kid’s Church!

I’d love to chat about what that might look like! Send me an email: