Tales from the Team – SRE

  • 30 August 2022
  • Liti Seroa
Scripture in Schools
I am enjoying SRE this term with the two primary schools in our area especially teaching from the gospel of John. Stood out to me was lesson 3, the story about Nicodemus and Jesus on ‘to be born again’. As I carefully explain being born again by the Spirit, (thank God for teachers manual) to the year 1 & 2 (6-7 year olds), all eyes on me, all attentive and silent including the teacher in the classroom, at the end I hold up the display cardboard with John 3:16, asking the kids to read it aloud. In unison they did, as soon as they finished, a boy shouted, “Oh, I get it, I get it now.” I was surprised! Now I understand, we do our part and Jesus does the rest. The kids understood what Jesus was talking about. 30 minutes is not long for a lesson and using their activity books but grateful for the time. Thank you for your ongoing support of prayers for the students, the schools and myself.