The Aroney’s Move into Watsons Bay

  • 4 October 2023
  • Matt Aroney

Last Thursday we made out big move to Watson’s Bay. It involved a flurry of busy days and nights as we sought to move our life away from the home we’d made in Newtown. Now that the dust has settled, our kids are really enjoying themselves by flying kites, playing cricket in the front yard and generally loving the space and fresh air.

I embarked on my first run around Hornby lighthouse and felt overwhelmingly thankful for the peace and beauty of this part of Sydney. There is a true and deep sense of the glory of God that can be sensed as the splendid bush meets the wondrous water. I am looking forward to enjoying it each day.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the people who have helped us in many practical ways to aid the disorientation of the move. Particularly those who have aided us with food in the last week. We’re also thankful for the wonderful work of Doreen and Eddie in setting up the house for us. We feel very welcomed and are already enjoying the increased time for relationships which moving in has allowed.

There is a bit of a way to go in setting up our house! But that being said, we’re looking forward most to living in the chaos, muddles and travails of ordinary life with all the good people of SHAP and our many neighbours on South Head. We’re feeling hopeful for all the Lord is doing among his people here!