Three Minutes With… Susie Williams

  • 12 April 2022
  • Sari England

Who  was  lucky enough to see the Beatles at Rushcutters Bay? And that was their first concert! Learn a little bit more about our stalwart warden Susie Williams . . . 

As a child I wanted to be . . . . a boy. Boys were my friends and I thought they were so much more fun than girls. I was never really interested in girlie stuff.

I grew up in . . . Bellevue Hill, in a house that my father built for us on his weekends. He was so clever.

On family holidays we went to . . . my grandma’s house at Palm Beach.  Our entire extended family went for the whole of the summer hols every year.  Those were very happy and relaxed times.

On my next holiday I plan to . . . escape from Sydney – to anywhere. 

The 2000 Sydney Olympics were special for me because . . . I had the great privilege to work with the Organising Committee for the best six years of my working life.  I made wonderful lifelong friendships and met so many interesting personalities.

I found lockdown to be . . . peaceful and relaxing. It presented the opportunity to slow down and reflect. Something I rarely do.

The first music concert I went to was . . . the Beatles! I was 14 at the time. They performed at the Stadium at Rushcutters Bay. That was definitely a highlight.  I am not counting the Mousketeers concert with Annette Funicello, same venue, some years earlier.  Didn’t have quite the same impact!

The best thing about being a grandmother is . . . seeing the delight in their faces when we are able to get together. None of my grandchildren lives in Sydney so time spent with them is precious.  

I first came to SHAP . . . as a young Kambala girl 60 years ago (yes I am that old!).  I came to the Lord through the ministry of Rev Dr Guinness who was the rector of St Michael’s at the time.  There was a very vibrant youth group at the church led by David Lewarne called Oliver’s Club.  It was really the hub of our social life for years and that is where I made wonderful friends some of whom still attend St Michael’s. 

I have continued my role as Church Warden because . . . there is still work to be done following upon the amalgamation, putting new systems and processes in place.  I would like to see that through, and I am pleased to say that we are almost there.

I wish I had learnt earlier . . . to play golf.  I  was a late starter and think I am too old now to become accomplished! My mother was a very good golfer and only stopped playing when she turned 90.

Currently I am listening . . . to podcasts! While there are a range of podcasts I subscribe to, mostly ABC, may I recommend  a Christian podcast called the Undeceptions with John Dickson. It’s brilliant.

In my spare time I like to . . . drive to the country to visit my grandchildren 

The best advice I ever got was . . . trust the Lord.