Three Minutes With… Wendy Jarratt

  • 24 August 2022
  • Stuart Robinson

Introducing our very own Wendy Jarratt who is part of our South Head Anglican Parish community!

My earliest memorywhile staying with my grandparents, hiding under their bed thinking they didn’t know I was there

I grew up inup the hill from Coogee beach

As a child Idreamed of being an infants teacher

My favourite vacation spotis wherever my daughter is who lives overseas is or Uganda to see my other daughter-in-law’s family

I came to faithat Youth Group at St Nicolas Church Coogee

An item on my bucket list isdon’t really have a bucket list, just take life as it comes

My first music concert wasPeter Paul and Mary

The best decision I ever made wasto attend Youth Group at Coogee as the rest of my life has come out of that – faith, marriage and family

I first came to SHAP … in 1976, two years after I married Ray

Currently I am listeningto a podcast  – In All Due Respect

In my spare time I like towalk

The best advice I ever received wasfriends are like gold, value them