Vintage Fair

  • 6 May 2024
  • Sari England

What a fun weekend we had at the Vintage Clothing Fair and Tea Room! Despite the rather inclement weather (which helped the sale of jumpers!) we had hundreds and hundreds of people come to the St Michael’s Hall to browse and buy from the racks, and eat the delicious cakes, slices, and sandwiches made by parishioners in our beautiful little tearoom.

It could be our best year yet. Around $18,000 will be making its way to the Nungalinya College bank account. Of which around $3,500 came from the tearoom takings. Amazing! But that’s not the only good news – so many people totally unconnected to church, came and sat and talked and got the know us and our church. Plus, this annual event gives us a unique opportunity to work alongside others from our parish, catch up on news, have a laugh, and make new friends. As Louise Kaye said “It isn’t just about the money. The goodwill created in the wider community and the working as a team in our own community are both great pluses.”

A big thank you all round. In particular Jennifer Glasson wanted to express her appreciation for the very high quality of clothing donated. That makes a huge difference to the bottom line! Of course, grateful thanks and deep appreciation go to all the volunteer workers, those who sorted and hung clothes, who put up tables, and packed away, the washer upperers, tea makers, bakers, both on the days of the Fair, and before and after. Literally it could not be done without a whole team effort!


So well done all – see you same time next year.