Anglican Aid, Bible College Student Sponsorship

  • 2 November 2021
  • Sally Humphrey

Bunda Bible college
How did you hear Jesus’ message? How did you discover His love? Have you found comfort in our Church community?
In the developing world, where the church is growing rapidly, there is a deep need for well-trained Bible teachers who can faithfully share the good news with their nation. Over the past two years, Covid has tragically taken the lives of many belonging to an older generation of church leaders. Others have been stretched to provide pastoral care to the many individuals they shepherd who are suffering from the pandemic. There is a huge and growing need for leaders in distressed communities.  Our SHAP community is supporting Peter Manumbu  in Tanzania, and Nungalinya College in Darwin. Students study the bible, and then go “spread the good word”. 

You are helping us help them with your weekly offerings !