Tales from the Team

  • 2 November 2021
  • Briony Davidson
Back to school

It’s the week so many have waited for. School is finally back. 

It’s hard to fathom that I have never physically been in the same space as my students over the past four months. There is a lot of joy at the return to school; so much has been missed. However, it has been jarring for students and staff alike. The school we are returning to is markedly different from the school we left. Now there are restrictions in place that alter every aspect of the day. Students are kept to their year groups, lunch and recess times are staggered, different lesson times, no extra-curricular, no canteen, no assemblies. For staff, there are new timetables, double the lessons (in person and online), double the duties, teaching in a mask – the lists of changes are seemingly endless. 

It has been a time where living out my faith as a teacher has been far more impactful than lessons or worksheets. My actions are speaking far louder than any of my words. Empathy, support, adjustment where needed, and genuine care for the wellbeing of others is how we can slowly work towards reconnecting. These actions also reflect the love of a God who is stable and in control. A God who allows these students and staff to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, excited, hesitant, joyful and loves them regardless. It is a privilege to watch God working in a school, especially in a year unlike any other.