Tales from the Team

  • 18 August 2021
  • Tracy Hall
My tale is about the Tuesday evening online prayer group.

This group started in April 2020, as a way of sharing in prayer and fellowship when we couldn’t meet in person. There are now many other ways we meet online, but the prayer group is still going strong!

We meet every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm, different people take turns in leading the meeting. It is all very relaxed, and everyone chooses what they are comfortable with – to simply listen, or to pray if they wish. This may be for themselves, or for family and friends, or for bigger issues – really anything that needs to be prayed for – there are no rules.

Some people attend every week, and others drop in from time to time – through this people have got to know each other and friendships formed. One of the most positive outcomes of the group, particularly in the early days of SHAP, is that it has been effective in connecting people from St. Peter’s and St. Michael’s.

If you’d like to check it out, please join us on Tuesday at 7.30pm, by clicking HERE

If you are unable to attend, but have something you’d like us to pray for, please send your request by email to me.