Tales from the Team

  • 1 June 2022
  • Jane Robinson
Little Sheep – A brief window
One of the things we are noticing about our Little Sheep PlayTime is the often very brief window we have in to a family’s life. The family comes along to Little Sheep – we get to know them – but the next term they have moved back to England, or gone on to Big School, or start swimming lessons – or have returned to Indonesia to be missionaries!

We have wonderful opportunities to be warm and welcoming. We love to watch mothers chatting together and commiserating with each other as they talk about sleepless nights, feeding difficulties and the busyness of school activities. Nannies talk together and swap ideas. Fathers and grandfathers meet and enjoy their children together. We get to encourage mothers who are feeling inadequate or lonely. 

It’s such a privilege but we are seeing again and again how short the window may be to show the love of Jesus in the way we talk and act. Many of our families are expats and they will move on. Children grow up and leave play groups for school. It’s a brief window and an exciting one! Please pray for the team that we will use our opportunities wisely.
PS Andrew Keene did an incredible job of running Little Sheep singlehandedly while Stuart and I were on holidays.