Tales from the Team

  • 1 September 2021
  • Briony Davidson
My tale is about chaplaincy at Kambala
Working with children and youth in a school ministry context is a constantly surprising, challenging, and inspiring way to share the good news of God.

At Kambala, the religious education faculty work hard to provide many ways by which the girls might start to think about and understand the Christian faith and what they believe. As well as RE classes, we run multiple chapel services a week and also provide lunchtime crusader groups, where the girls can learn more about God, support each other and make fun crafts at the same time.

The nature of this work is largely pastoral, and one of the most rewarding parts of what I do is when a child will come to you knowing that they can trust you to answer their questions, provide help, or just be someone who will take the time to listen.

As I watch these students grow and learn, I am not unaware of the privilege it is to be able to lend a hand, guide, inspire and minister to the kids that are in my care. Not only do I work to teach them and help them, but they are also constantly teaching me more about my faith and the overwhelming goodness of God’s grace.

As I continue my work at Kambala, I am excited to see how I, and the rest of the RE department, can further God’s work by building meaningful and impactful relationships with students and staff. Relationships that are founded in God’s abounding love.