SHAP Parish Aged Care

  • 23 February 2022
  • Meg Matthews

Parish Aged Care meeting on 1st March

There are four aged care homes in our parish. We currently do ministry in three of them. Next week, at midday on Tuesday 1st March, we (Jeff and Meg) will meet to further the aged care ministry planning. You are warmly invited to come along if you’d like to know more about SHAP aged care ministry and to consider your possible involvement. 

Here are some of the volunteering roles available in the ministry:

  • Caring friend – come along and sit with and chat to service attendees. 
  • Individual visiting of aged care residents
  • Service bible reader
  • Service prayer leader 
  • Service speaker – prepare and deliver a short talk
  • Conduct an interview or be interviewed in the service
  • Card writer – write cards to aged care residents.
  • Musical offering

Do consider coming to the meeting, where you can hear more about the plans and consider your possible involvement. When? Tuesday 1st March from 12:00-1:00 at St Peters Hall, Watsons Bay. At this meeting, we will be asking for your ideas about what you might find helpful in training for aged care ministry, plus any other ideas to help us all do aged care ministry more effectively. Jeff will run a short training segment on “praying with people”. 

In Jesus’ name
Meg Matthews and Jeff Ware