Why I am doing Roughtober – Matt Aroney

  • 17 October 2023
  • Matt Aroney

For the nine years we lived in Newtown, I walked past rough sleepers every day along King Street. A number of them I spoke with and there was a real complexity to their stories. It is really tricky to know how to help a lot of the time. I mean help in a way which is meaningful, ongoing, and effective. 

Places like Rough Edges seem to find a way to open a caring space, which promotes dignity and love for anyone. I think these kinds of spaces can give life to those in a tough space. Practical kindness, combined with a willingness to build relationship and community, not only embodies the love Jesus has shown us, it also gives life at times to others. Giving money that supports spaces like these is a wonderful wholistic way of upholding the rough sleepers of our city. 

Join us in making this happen as Team SHAP by donating to Rough Edges as we seek to sleep rough as do so many people.

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